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Choosing right colours of polycarbonate for different types of buildings

Crystal / transparent/

It's the most popular and the most commonly used color of PC sheets. Thanks to its high transmission coefficient it ensures perfect illumination and can be applied in skylights wherever the maximum amount of light is needed for the interior space. Crystal polycarbonate can be ordered in sheets of different formats: 6 or 7 m in length and 2,1 and 1,25 m in width. For special orders, it is possible to purchase sheets of 12 m in length.

Opaque / transculent/

Transculent and opaque polycarbonate should be applied in buildings where the light coming to the interior needs to be scattered (matt). It is therefore recommended for lower rooms, where the surplus of heat radiation (infrared) may lead to feeling dazzled or cause the greenhouse effect. Opaque PC sheets are therefore preferable for skylights under which people constantly work and need to focus and concentrate. It is available in formats as described above.

The photo below shows a very interesting solution ordered by one of our clients: the skylights under which there are precise machines are filled with opaque polycarbonate and the space which needs maximum illumination is covered with skylights filled with transparent PC sheets. The solution is highly valued by the skylight user.

Brown (smoked), blue, green and other colours

The use of colored polycarbonate not only changes the colour of light but also the ambiance of the interior. Green and blue PC sheets are perfect for the roofing of swimming pools. Brown or smoked polycarbonate should be installed within solid, even and meticulously prepared frame of aluminum profiles because of its quick and intense tendency of heating up which causes greater linear expansion and annoying noises. Coloured polycarbonate may have one layer (6, 8 or 10 mm in thickness) or two layers (16 mm in thickness) and it is available in sheets of 2,1 x 6 m in dimensions. For non-standard orders it is possible to purchase different colors and dimensions.

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