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Skylights as the best solution for natural illumination of your interior

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There are two crucial factors to be taken into account while drawing up blueprints for a new building or for a modernization of an existing one: appropriate illumination of the interior and good thermal balance. Both of these conditions can be satisfied with the installation of polycarbonate skylights which, thanks to their elasticity in production and design, can be applied in different micro environments.

Thanks to the use of a light construction of aluminum profiles and durable polycarbonate hollow sheets, our skylights easily face extreme weather conditions affecting the roof during every season of the year. Moreover, with the installation of ventilation flaps, skylights can be a source of fresh air in addition to providing natural sunlight. The diversity of forms allows to choose a construction that will fit the weather conditions and architecture perfectly.

Our offer

Many years of experience in manufacturing and installation of aluminum and polycarbonate skylights allowed us to launch the sale of refined and tested skylights in the patented system of Eskade-System aluminum profiles. They form an efficient source of natural sunlight for the interior and have a very light, corrosion-proof construction, safe polycarbonate surface and beneficial thermal parameters. If installed correctly, they will serve you well for years to come, without the need of complicated or costly conservation.

Our offer includes:

  • manufacturing of barrel vault skylights, continuous skylights, flat skylights, ridge skylights, pyramid skylights and many more,
  • installation of skylights and their bases,
  • manufacturing of ventilation flaps,
  • manufacturing of skylights and sheds for quick and easy DIY installation,
  • polycarbonate skylight refurbishment and renovation
  • replacement of old glass skylight for new polycarbonate ones,

Typical barrel vault skylight construction - a cross section

Because a large part of our activities is dedicated to users who install the skylights in a DIY manner, we have created a detailed technical help, including drawings, presentations, instructional videos and models.

The greatest attention is devoted to the most popular type of skylight which is the polycarbonate barrel vault, usually a continuous one. It is thanks to its optimal shape, best thermal insulation and low costs of manufacturing and installation that it is the most eagerly chosen type of illumination solution. Check out other sections for details.

The visualization below shows the details of the key elements of our construction. The cross section displays the ways of joining the profiles with the PC sheets and the base.

Skylight installation

The meticulously designed system of Eskade-System aluminum profiles and a set of well-prepared polycarbonate sheets and accessories allows a team of 2 or 3 people to install the skylight on the roof in a DIY way. The only requirement is a small tool set, at the disposal of any building worker. The skylight can be quickly built after a short instruction and with the help of the model. The necessary materials, in the form of technical drawings and instructional videos, are available online on our website. Moreover, every customer can count on our help and additional counseling and technical drawings taking into account individual conditions.

We can make an offer of prices, dimensions and construction form on the basis of the projects, photos, or sketches sent to us by email. Please remember to include exact dimensions in your descriptions.

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In the realization of the commissions we pay attention to technical possibilities and we introduce all the necessary changes. There is a 24-month warranty on our products (unless the individual settlement states differently) apart from electrical elements for which there is a 12-month warranty. Unless the number of cells of the polycarbonate sheet is specified in the contract, the sheets available in stock will be sold.

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