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ESKADE-SYSTEM Skylights Manufacturing

Our company specializes in the manufacturing and installation of different types of skylights, ranging from small rooflights, through continuous skylights to polycarbonate roof glazing. Our products are approved and certified by the Polish Building Research Institute (ITB). For the construction of a skylight, our company uses specially-designed aluminum profiles of aesthetic appearance and easy maintenance, which can be painted any color from the RAL color chart.

Aluminum profiles and polycarbonate

In the construction of a skylight, the aluminium frame is filled with cellular polycarbonate sheets either transparent (crystal) or opaque. Thanks to its unique properties, polycarbonate is very light and displays low heat loss parameters and at the same time provides great illuminative effects. For highest thermal insulation effects, thicker PC sheets must be used. In that case, one must take into account the maximum curve radius when installing low-rise barrel vault skylights.

A rare choice for the construction of a skylight are solid polycarbonate sheets. They have much better illuminative effects and are more durable, but their installation is far more expensive and their thermal parameters are worse.

Skylights can be installed both on flat as well as sloped roofs, and on different roof cladding. When the skylight is ready, it forms an aesthetic solid, slightly protruding from the roof surface.

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