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Barrel Vault Skylights

Polycarbonate barrel vaults are the most common type of skylights. Their greatest advantages lie in their shape which, in contrast to flat skylights, prevents water and snow retention. Their construction requires fewer materials – both aluminum profiles and PC sheets – than in the case of ridge skylights. That, in turn, results in lower costs of installation. For these reasons, barrel vault skylights are the most common choice for polycarbonate roofing – from smaller to continuous skylights. Moreover, polycarbonate barrel vaults can be equipped with ventilation solutions like operable skylights or hatches.

Barrel vault skylights as the optimal solution

The shape of an arch is the source of numerous advantages of barrel vault skylights: firm construction, beneficial thermal and heat parameters, no air resistance, and flat surface easily washed by rain. For these reasons polycarbonate barrel vaults are very easy and cheap in maintenance.
See: comparison of the skylight shapes

They are also a perfect solution for car park sheds and marketplaces roofing in which adjoining or separate polycarbonate sheds can cover large areas.

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