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Continuous skylights

Continuous skylights are a perfect solution for the illumination of vast interior areas, like manufacturing halls or warehouses which need larger amount of light supply. Continuous skylights are better than separate single roof windows mainly because of the relatively low costs of manufacturing and installation as compared to illumination efficiency. The moderate price of continuous skylights results from lower material costs and shorter installation time.

Installation of continuous skylights

Continuous skylights can be installed along the ridge of a pitched roof or on flat surfaces. The size and placement of the skylight should be chosen with regard to an even distribution of light in the covered interior area. There can be continuous ridge skylights or flat tandem skylights, but the optimal shape is that of a continuous vault skylight.

Continuous vault skylight along or across the roof ridge

In the case of a pitched roof, a perfect solution for the illumination of a big space is a skylight constructed along the ridge of the roof. The best choice in this case are continuous vaulted skylights of 2 m in width and even a few dozen meters in length. Such skylights are very cheap but at the same time give very good illumination results. It is also possible, though quite rare, to construct a continuous ridge skylight along the roof. Such solution is preferable when the roof pitch makes it impossible to curve the polycarbonate sheet of a given thickness to form a vault.

One should avoid, however, the installation of a continuous vault only on one of the slopes of the roof because of the difficulties in caulking that such construction may cause, especially during heavy snowfall. Instead, in some cases, it is possible to construct continuous vault skylights across the ridge of the roof. They may cover the roof slopes symmetrically or asymmetrically for better illumination effects.

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