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Advantages of polycarbonate skylights over glass skylights

Traditional windows
and glass skylights:
Modern polycarbonate
skylight pic1
skylight pic2
  • in order to give the same illumination effect of the interior, roof skylights need 4 times less area than windows,
  • polycarbonate skylight provides smaller costs of materials and installation,
  • low exploitation costs,

skylight pic3
skylight pic4
  • low heat losses,
  • thermal resistance,
  • no leaks,
  • perfect water drainage and low snow retention,
  • resistance for temperatures from -40 do +130°C,

skylight pic5
skylight pic
  • optimal illumination,
  • rooflights is a source of natural and non reflected sunlight,

skylight pic7
skylight pic8
  • light weight,
  • no cracks (no danger of getting hurt by people working under PC skylights),
  • stainless,
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