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Lowest price, best thermal parameters

Golden means, or the perfect skylight

In terms of price and thermal parameters, the best solution is a barrel vault skylight of 3 m in width. This dimension should be taken into account by architects creating blueprints of the building's roof. Without this, the costs of skylight installation may turn out to be much higher. When making your skylight plans, we also advise you to choose continuous skylights because the longer the skylight, the lower the price per m2. It is also beneficial to install one longer continuous skylight instead of two separate ones: this will eliminate the costs of manufacturing and installation of separate skylight bases and two additional vertical ends.

perfect continuous skylight

Advantages of 3 meters wide skylights

  • Such optimal width allows for the use of nearly every type of polycarbonate there is, even the five layer cellular polycarbonate of 16 mm in thickness and U=1,82W/m2K
  • Nearly all materials ordered for the construction of such a skylight are used and there is little waste left.
  • The optimal height of 43 cm makes the skylight rigid enough to withstand the heavy weight of snow and allow for its sliding down. It also creates a small surface of cooling.
  • 3 meters wide PC skylights are very light and can be located even on very light roof cladding - even on 1,5 mm metal sheeting
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