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Polycarbonate treatment

PC sheets cutting

Our company offers the service of cutting bigger PC sheets into smaller parts, which lowers the costs of transport. Before placing the order, please remember that the width of the cutting blade is 3-5 mm. This information is necessary in planning the cuts.

In case of the necessity of cutting the PC sheets at the construction site, the easiest way to do it is by using the electric jigsaw. The blade of the jigsaw should have fewer, more widely arranged teeth, so that the shavings from the cutting are the biggest possible and can be easily removed from the hollows by means of striking it. Jigsaw blades with numerous smaller teeth will produce dust which may get stuck inside the polycarbonate cells and be difficult to remove even with compressed air. Please also remember not to use angle grinders for cutting polycarbonate sheets.

In order to remove fillings and shavings from the hollows of the polycarbonate sheets we use clean and dry compressed air.

Protecting polycarbonate hollows from water, dirt and insects

Cellular polycarbonate is not an air-tight material, so the hollows may get steamy. In order to reduce this phenomenon, we use two types of self-adhesive protective film. Lack of such protection may cause the impurity of the PC sheets and water retention inside the cells. After some time it may turn out that the hollows are filled with algae.

Regular band
Vapour-permeable band
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